Movement Lesson the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) and Doman International

abm doman movement lesson Oct 24, 2019


-The brain is the reason for the lack of movement in the body

-The ultimate goal is one of wellness

-Movement is created based on a holistic system of treatments involving all the senses


-If brain function can be changed then movement can be changed

-Touch is slow and soft. The goal is to make the body aware of where you are touching so it can create movement there

-The brain organizes the conscious and subconscious movement

-Self-developed enthusiasm must come from the patient in order to encourage the brain to make the necessary movements in the body

-Movement is created based on the principles of “variation and playfulness into everything you do [to] awaken all your senses”

-The brain is either in learning mode or it is not. The goal is to get it into learning mode so progress can be made in the body


-The lack of rotation in the system is the reason for the lack of movement in the body

-Touch is...

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