How to Reverse Scoliosis

"I've been seeing this wonderful family for over 8 years. We do one or two intensives a year and see each other twice a week. He was 100% fixed with at scoliosis of 77 degrees when we started. Recommenced to be rushed to surgery for rodding. He's never needed the surgery. He's comfortable and healthy. What has been really been remarkable is that, despite his general well being, he's never had a pneumonia or been in the hospital during the years of treatment. Only once, when I was in India. He's now 26 years of age."

-Michelle Turner-


Hi, my name is Erin Fulks,

I am a Movement Lesson™ Practitioner. My goal is to guide you through the Movement Lesson™ (ML) process to get you the help that will change your child’s future forever.

You are reading this post because you want to learn how you can start reversing or improving scoliosis.* I first want to show you a case study of a young man who, at nine-years-old, experienced an accident. He started ML at...

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