Can a SMA Carrier Be Athletic?

sma sma type 3 Nov 06, 2019

"I would not call myself athletic by any means. I can't run or jump at all but I used to when I was young. I'm able to bike and kayak for sure now and I lift weights but not very heavy. I remember quite a few years back hearing about a guy that road in the Tour de France and a few years after he started to develop symptoms and was diagnosed with SMA."

"Click on the photo and you will be able to watch the video of an interview that was done on my SMA and my treatments of Spinraza. I am on this site so much and love watching these little ones make so much progress. I have fought for over 25 years working out in the gym 6 days a week (with a rare break that I could maybe count on my two hands) to prove my diagnosing neurologist wrong...he told me I could not do what I am doing today. Look forward to an update in about 6 weeks where I pursue a great adventure. I just hope this interview gives hope to others!"

Kurt Beach - Springfield Athletic Trainer SMA Type 3

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