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My world changed when my mother expressed concern for my new baby. She, a mother of eight children, hesitantly asked, "Is this all the baby does?"

Tiredly I responded with, "Yes."

"Erin, something's not right, " she said. "Newborns move more than this, especially when they get a bath." 

I looked at my baby in the pink tub. Her arms hung to her side while my mom had her head cupped in her hand for support. The baby cried, but I could hardly hear the cry. I knew she spoke the truth, so I started looking for answers. 

The following days and months seemed like a blur. The pediatrician did not think the baby had any alarming issues. He recommended us to a neurologist. I couldn't get an appointment any sooner than four weeks. I wanted answers NOW. I had no choice but to wait. 

I had four weeks of no answers, but day after day, I experienced the miracle of life with my little girl. If you are a special needs parent, I am sure you can relate. Words can not describe what I felt and experienced. 

I self-initiated in-home therapy, and with the help of my mother. The baby went from no movement to be able to slide a forearm across her body and some leg and core movement. By Divine intervention, another mother recognized my baby's symptoms and strongly encouraged me to see her pediatrician. 

Suddenly I had answers. I spent the next two-and-a-half months in intensive care with my daughter. A machine kept her alive. While in the NICU, I asked every question I could think of that would help give my daughter the best care. Unknowingly the doctors, nurses, and therapists trained me to be an excellent caregiver. 

I did not know what the future held for my daughter, and neither did the doctors. Despite all the challenges of the unknown that laid ahead, I decided that I would do anything I needed to give her a full life. I had a vision of what I wanted my daughter to become, and I had a new purpose in life. 

My life became less about me and more about others. Those many days and nights in the NICU planted a seed of compassion, empathy, and hope for the future. I wanted to create a business that would reduce a parent's concerns for the future. I wanted to create a company that would give parents' tools to not only better the life of their children, but the life of the parents. We focus so much on our children; I realized that the parents needed care as much as the children need it. 

Caring for a special child is emotionally and physically draining. It is hard! I have experienced emotions that I never knew existed. For sure, I wanted to create a business that would address the needs of the parents too. 

I would say that one of the deepest desires of a special needs parent is to see their children achieve developmental milestones. We want to resign ourselves to the fact that our children will be delayed in or never reach certain milestones. Like you, I decided I would not believe that. Like you, I searched for answers. I asked myself, "How can I help my special child reach all her developmental milestones?" 

Guess what? I found the answers to that question. I want you to have them too.  I have compiled our story, my daughter and I, it is in written form as well as step-by-step progress videos. I want you to feel the same joy and hope I found helping my daughter achieve milestones. What I have found is better than traditional therapy. It's better than all the big name therapies. It's more affordable, everyone sees results, and you can learn a skill-set that will allow you to help others in unimaginable ways. 

Click on the link, and it will start you on a path that only goes up. Click Here.


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