Intubated to Walking in Three Years

How I Manually Taught My Special Needs Child Her Movement and Developmental Milestones


How did you do it?

I taught my child all of her movement and developmental milestones using a technique called Movement Lesson™. With Movement Lesson you can integrate all milestones into your child's system without them having to actually perform them. Yes, it's fun to see your child perform them when they can. Because of Movement Lesson™ my daughter does not have scoliosis, and she does not use a stander or afo's to stand. 

Can I learn it?

Anyone can learn Movement Lesson™. I am here to be a guide and support to you. To learn Movement Lesson™ you actually need to go to You also need to join the Facebook group "Movement Lesson for Parents and Practitioners" Click Here. Once you get a free review from Michelle Turner, the founder, you come back to me and I help you develop your home program. 

How can you help me?

I, Erin, have gone through the training, and I am a certified Movement Lesson™ Practitioner. Again, You can go solo, and figure out Movement Lesson™ on your own, or I can guide you through it. With my help, it will save you time and money AND you will get results faster. You have to put in the time to make the lessons work. It took me 2 1/2 years to feel like I really understood the technique. I will help you stick to it!  


Because of Movement Lesson™ my daughter went from intubated to walking in three years. Her body thinks it has been walking since one-years-old. Now almost three she is starting to physically do it. 

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